Bible Seminars

Bible reading

Learn to read the Bible effectively

If you find reading the Bible difficult or frustrating at times, then this Seminar series is for you. The concise and informative sessions are delivered in a friendly, comfortable environment.

They are aimed at equipping you with the tools needed to understand the Bible for yourself.

Whether you are familiar with the Bible or are a first time reader, you will walk away with loads of information and new energy to begin reading more effectively.

Here’s what you will learn

  • Who wrote the Bible—where did it come from?
  • An overview of the structure of the Bible.
  • How to use cross references.
  • How to get past the sometimes difficult language used in the Bible.
  • Tips to letting the Bible interpret itself.
  • How to read carefully. (e.g. Adam and Eve didn’t eat an apple!)
  • How to find your reading of the Bible more stimulating.
  • Prove for yourself the Bible is not a work of fiction.
  • What happens at death?
  • Why is there an Old Testament and a New Testament?
  • How the Bible deals with the age old question: where did sin come from?
  • A simple Bible reading plan to get you through the whole Bible in a year.
  • Become familiar with some key Bible characters.
  • How the Bible deals with life and death.
  • The purpose of Prophecy.
  • God’s purpose in Creation.
  • God’s promises and how you can be part of them.